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Stephanie Blackwell

     I’m an intuitive and spiritual healer and I share techniques designed to assist you.  I was trained at a psychic development school to assist others using the modalities of spiritual healing and clairvoyant reading more than 25 years ago.  

     Many things can come up with an intuitive reading. You may find out about your spiritual guides and how they are assisting you.

     Reading about your relationship can help you to understand how you are connected to a person at an energetic level. These readings reveal the architecture of relationships and help you to determine your relationship with a person or even a job you’re in or considering. You can find out about your current relationship with just about anything.

     A look at the energy flowing in and around the body can give you insight into frozen emotions still stuck in the body.

     A reading is made more valuable when you learn tools to assist you in your day to day life.

     The readings and healings are a 2-person experience that can assist you along your physical and spiritual journey.

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